The correct sleep environment increases your sense of well-being and facilitates healthy sleep. To ensure that your Wenatex products continue to provide the ideal sleep environment and increase the lifespan of your Wenatex products, follow our care tips to enjoy the comfort and hygiene of your Wenatex bed for years to come.


wenaCel sensitive Orthopaedic Pillow

   Care Instructions

Wenatex Quilt

   Care Instructions

wenaCel sensitive Mattress Cover

   Care Instructions

wenaCel sensitive® Pillow & Quilt

​When you first receive your wenaCel sensitive Orthopaedic Pillow

  1. Initial Aeration – Remove the pillow from the packaging and allow to stand for one hour to initiate aeration.
  2. Full Aeration – Open the pillow zips, remove two-thirds of the fill and stir the pillow fibre contents thoroughly with your hand to fully aerate. Gradually add the remaining pillow fill and stir.
  3. Height Adjustability – Once aerated, you have control over the height and firmness of your pillow so you can add or remove filling to suit your personal preference. Always remember to support your neck orthopaedically.
  4. Ready to go – Plump up the pillow as desired.
  5. Follow the hygiene and maintenance instructions listed here




wenaCel® sensitive products should be used with appropriate coverings, i.e. pillow case and quilt cover. Use of a top sheet is optional. Wenatex The Sleep System offers a Formesse® Bella Donna pillow case and fitted sheet to complement these products.


Pillow Height Adjustability

You have control over the height and firmness of your pillow as you can remove filling and shape your pillow to suit your personal preference. Always remember to support your neck. Make sure your pillow is at the right height to ensure your neck is in an orthopaedically correct alignment.


Washing the Pillow

Remove the wenaCel® sensitive Pillow outer cover prior to washing. The pillow outer cover can be washed at 60° Celsius at least every month. It is recommended that the inner pillow, with the fill remaining inside, be washed three to four times per year at 60° Celsius.

Hint: The washing machine spin cycle removes excess moisture and promotes quicker drying.


Washing the Quilt

Wash the Wenatex Quilt at 60° Celsius at least twice per year in a washing machine large enough to allow free movement. The quilt should always be washed alone. Always wash on a gentle cycle using a gentle, natural-fibre washing detergent (without optical brightener, bleach, harsh chemicals or fabric softeners).



The quilt and the pillow covers can both be dried on the line in the shade. As much moisture, as possible, should first be removed using the spin cycle on the washing machine.

Hint: Aeration of the pillow fill will promote faster drying.


Aeration of the Pillow

Aerate the pillow at least twice a month or as needed. Open the pillow zips and stir the pillow fibre contents thoroughly with your hand to fully separate and aerate the fibres.


Aeration of the Quilt

All beds benefit from daily airing. We recommend that you expose your mattress to the air for as long as possible each day to dissipate any moisture in the quilt and mattress that has accumulated during sleep.

Wenaflex® Bed Base


The bed frame can be wiped down from time to time using a damp cloth.

To Avoid Damage

When moving the bed, avoid dragging the base, as this may damage the legs. Instead, lift the base by the frame, not the slats. We recommend removing the mattress first. If the base is electric, be sure to unplug it first, and secure the moveable frames.

Support Pads

When the mattress is removed from the bed base, check that the pads are in place. Any loose pads can be re-attached using a twisting action.


Electric Bed Base Tips

If your Wenaflex® is electric, you should periodically check that the remote control, as well as synchronising and power cables, are securely attached to the bed base motor. Queen and King bases use two motors (one for each half).When one remote control is desired for both sides of the bed, the motors are joined by the synchronising cable enabling both sides to move at the same time. Never open any component of the motor or remote control and ensure that the components do not get wet. Never operate an electric Wenaflex continuously for more than one minute at a time. Use caution when vacuuming to avoid the power cords.

Hint: Do not sit on any leg or back raised sections when the sections are in an elevated position.


wenaCel® sensitive Mattress

Use of a Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet (ideally Formesse® Bella Donna, offered by Wenatex The Sleep System) should be used with the mattress. It is recommended that you do not sleep directly on the mattress cover. You should also change and launder sheets weekly.

Use with Appropriate Bed Base

The wenaCel® sensitive Mattress is designed for use on a Wenaflex® Base as this base has complementary zones to enhance the ergonomic and orthopaedic performance of the mattress. The wenaCel® sensitive Mattress will also work effectively on a suitably designed base which provides appropriate support. Slats should be a minimum of 40mm wide and 15mm thick, with gaps of no more than 60mm, and made from a flexible material. An unsuitable slatted or ensemble base could possibly cause abnormal indentations in the mattress. In all cases, good air circulation around the mattress will assist with bed hygiene.



Your wenaCel® sensitive Mattress is designed symmetrically and will benefit from rotation. To prolong the efficacy and allow for more effective ventilation of your mattress, flip over and reverse end-to-end at least twice per year. Rotating the mattress at least twice per year will balance wear and tear. Ensure the herbal inlay is always placed flat on the bottom, between the bottom of the mattress core and the mattress cover.



A thin stocking serves to protect the wenaCel® sensitive Core from the industrial zipper and when the cover is being washed. The stocking should not be washed.



Looped handles have been designed to assist movement of the mattress whilst on the bed base. Do not use the handles to carry the mattress as tearing may result.


Washing the Cover

The wenaCel® sensitive Cover may be washed at up to 60°Celsius using a natural fibre washing detergent (without optical brightener or harsh chemicals) on a gentle cycle in a large washing machine.

Important: Use a commercial washing machine if your machine is not large enough to allow free movement for your mattress cover size.

Useful Hints: Wash one-half of the cover at a time (i.e. the side you have been sleeping on).

Whilst the mattress cover is absorbent enough to prevent perspiration from reaching the core, it is not waterproof and won’t protect the core from excessive liquid. Should this happen, simply remove the cover and launder as per instructions.


Drying the Cover

To maintain the wenaCel® sensitive Cover shape, simply line dry in the shade after washing. The cover is not suitable for tumble drying and should not be vacuumed.

Alpine Regeneration Herbal Inlay


Place the Herbal Inlay on the underside of the wenaCel® sensitive Mattress inside the mattress cover. It is important that the herbal inlay lies flat in the cover at all times, for example, after assembly or rotation of the mattress.


At least twice a year, air your herbal inlay for a couple of hours in the shade.
Hint: The easiest way to access the herbal inlay is to flip the mattress bringing the herbal inlay to the top and unzip the cover.
Important: Do not wash the herbal inlay or allow the herbs to get wet.

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