Wenatex is proud to offer our comprehensive selection of sleep products and sleep aid accessories. They are all part of the Wenatex Sleep System. Use them alone or mix and match them together – for better health through a restful, invigorating night’s sleep.

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The Benefits of Wenatex

Wenatex always works to bring you the highest quality in sleep products, from sleep accessories to our herbal balms, to a full range of premium bedding, to orthopaedic mattresses and adjustable orthopaedic beds. Each item we offer has been carefully selected to meet our demanding high standards. You can choose freely from our extensive product line, knowing that you’ll receive the best.

A good night’s sleep is so important for physical and mental health. Alertness, cognition, memory, our reflexes, and even our immune system are known to be impaired by inadequate and poor-quality sleep. With Wenatex, you know you’ll be getting innovative products designed to improve your sleep and well-being.


Herbal balm with Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, and many other natural essences and compounds. Can soothe aches and revitalize and restore skin hydration. Protects hands and feet, suitable for massage therapy. Its light, pleasant fragrance makes it ideal for aromatherapy, too. Try a dab on the temples for a quick refresher.


Refreshes skin and soothes away aches and discomfort from arthritis and rheumatism, as well as everyday troubles like insect bites. Cool and smooth on the skin, a relaxing balm with a pleasing bright fragrance. Works well for massage. Customers tell us it really soothes the pains – and that it smells great, too.

Herbal Inlay

17 dry Alpine herbs combine and work together in our unique herbal inlay – as you sleep, body heat releases their essential oils to the air, where they are taken up by your skin and sense of smell, calming and releasing stress, easing aches and pains, promoting better and more healthful sleep. Made from cotton and wool. Available in seven mattress sizes from Single up to King.

Wenatex Sleepy

Sleepy is a soft cuddly toy for small children making the transition to solo sleeping. When they awaken during the night, friendly Sleepy is there to give them the comfort and security they need to put themselves back to sleep. Washable and safe with no choking hazards.


A compact device for the nightstand, SleepHub is one of our most unique sleep aid accessories – promoting improved sleep cycles through gentle audio tones. Helps to overcome insomnia and sleep anxiety. Developed over more than 10 years of research by scientists and medical experts, and proven to enhance sleep quality, it uses cutting-edge neuroscience technology to emulate healthy brain activity and induce restful sleep, so you awaken refreshed and revitalized. Four sleep modes tailor SleepHub to your preferences and needs. Also works as a Bluetooth speaker.

Sleep Better with Wenatex

Let Wenatex help you get a better night’s sleep.

You can see our sleep accessories and much more in the Wenatex catalogue, and purchase in our online Wenatex shopCall us on 1300 858 139 for more information. All the benefits of truly relaxing and restorative sleep have never been closer.


Cathy Briggs, QLD

"Have just purchased the bed base and mattress - oh my goodness! Having the best sleep ever, so comfortable and aching back of a morning is now non existent! I also have an implant in my left side and have been unable to sleep on that side for the last 3 years as it has been too painful - not any more! Thank you to Bart and his team for their exceptional and prompt service."

Gwen C., TAS

"I recently purchased a double Wenatex adjustable bed with the herbal inlay, and have found it extremely comfortable and supportive and it bears testimony to the fact that I now look forward to going to bed each night. The Tasmanian agent Andrew Adams couldn’t have been more helpful in seeing the sale and delivery through for me, and the visit to the Wenatex shop at King’s Meadows was a very assuring and pleasant experience."

Bill and Jennie, Brisbane QLD

"My first night on my Wenatex bed was amazing, the first time in a long time I slept without being wakened in pain. I slept from about 7pm to 3am, after a toilet break I lifted the foot of the bed up that relieved my foot pain, I slept until about 6am. A big thanks to Greg and David for doing a good job with install. Greg couldn’t do enough for us in every step of our purchase. He is a pleasure to work with."

Phil and Jane G., QLD

"One of our children has long suffered from allergies... He had an overnight change in his health... During his childhood every single night when going to bed he would sneeze and cough for approximately 45 minutes (from dust mites etc) and from the absolute first night of him getting into his new Wenatex bed, new quilt and pillow, he stopped the reactions (sneezing etc) overnight! It was absolutely amazing! We couldn't believe the difference it made! As soon as he goes to a friend's home for a sleepover or we stay in a resort on holiday's, he starts sneezing again... Amazing. He now takes his own pillow everywhere..."


"I recently purchased the Wenatex sleep system and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I noticed better sleep from the first night as the Wenatex mattress doesn't get hot during the night like my old mattress, causing me to wake up during the night. I haven't had any back pain and I find I'm sleeping all the way through. I never knew a bed could make such a big difference to the way I feel during the day or I would have bought one years ago. The price was higher than some others on the market but after trying some cheaper options and having sleeping issues I wish I had just bought quality from the start."

Eva Bajerova Potts, NSW

"Almost 15 years with this company and could not be happier. Would never trade in their bed for anyone else's as they truly are the best!! Strongly recommend that customers try out their sleep system as you will not be disappointed! 5 stars all the way!"

Susan W., NSW

"Thank you, Natasha, for your help to organise our new mattress. Brett was so helpful and pleasant when he delivered our mattress. Nothing was a bother for him! Many thanks from a very satisfied customer."

Peter S., NSW

"I have been working shift work for over 35 years. Getting sleep after working long hours has become a very important part of my days. Believe me, when I say I've tried everything! I bought the full Wenatex sleep system - base, mattress, pillows and winter quilt and it was the best decision I've ever made. I highly recommend the Wenatex Sleep System to everyone, especially shift workers"

Phillip M., VIC

"I love the product. It all makes sense. I bought a bed for my mother who always had trouble sleeping through and has a bad back. Now her back has improved 50% or more. She is a changed person. Thanks a million."

Jayne B., QLD

"I had bursitis in the hip. Nothing helped except buying a bed from Wenatex. If you have had hip pain like bursitis you know it is a sickening pain that keeps you awake. Sleeping on our new mattress allowed the hip to heal. Would not sleep on anything else."

May S., NSW

"Having the bed base and mattress is absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend its purchase. The comfort is unbelievable."

Bert T., VIC

"Purchased a new Mattress Cover - Double, to replace the original one after 11 years of use and several washes. Great product and easy to use. Also great service and information received from Natasha. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Margaret G., Yarrawonga VIC

"I suffer from lower back problems and since purchasing the Wenatex Sleep System the restless nights have gradually disappeared and I get to sleep quicker."

Claire and Trevor, Brisbane QLD

"Love our new bed. I can't wait to go to sleep every night. We also bought the pillows, duvet and sheets so its extra comfy. If you're looking for a good night's sleep I highly recommend Wenatex The Sleep System!"

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