sleephub sleep device

Science powered to help restore natural sleep

  • Fix sleep issues, not mask them
  • Unique application of neuroscience and sound technology
  • Backed by over 10 years of scientific research, development and trials
  • Easy to use

Restore natural sleep patterns and optimise your sleep with SleepHub® – the ground-breaking sleep aid by Cambridge Sleep Sciences, and now available in Australia through Wenatex The Sleep System.

As we learn more about sleep, we are beginning to understand its importance in a healthy life! Part of the equation in achieving healthy sleep is making sure that you have a sleep environment that is hygienic, temperature neutral and allows you to lay in an orthopaedically correct position. This goes a long way in supporting healthy sleep and creating the right sleep environment.

What happens though when your sleep cycles become interrupted by the stresses of our modern lives, which causes you to fall out of sync with the natural sleep cycles that you should be going through each night to achieve healthy sleep?  The right sleep environment will definitely help but sometimes you may need extra help. Rather than struggle with it or reach for medication, there is a natural solution – SleepHub®.

This device has been developed by Cambridge Sleep Sciences to help train the brain to go through the natural sleep cycles that result in healthy sleep. We feel that SleepHub® is the perfect accessory to your Wenatex Sleep System for people who:

  • want to improve their sleep for better physical and mental performance
  • people who experience insomnia
  • people who have disrupted sleep patterns, work shifts, or travel internationally
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