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Comfort for children

  • Breathable fabric
  • Cuddly
  • Soft
  • Washable

Sleepy, our cuddly mascot from Wenatex The Sleep System, has been delighting toy fans of all ages for many years. The little bear with his pointy hat is a loyal playmate and friend to love. Sleepy is also a real sleepyhead and a wonderful sleep aid. Discover Sleepy and his family!



The Wenatex Sleepy has been specially designed to assist children in comforting them for a good night’s sleep. By introducing a security object to your child when they wake during the night, the blanket/toy will be there to provide support and comfort and will then help the child put themselves back to sleep. This eases the child into independent sleeping and helps the child make connections outside of their parents.

Sleepy is made from light, breathable fabric, soft, cuddly, and small enough to fit in their little hand and of course has no choking hazards.

Your children might also enjoy some Sleepy colouring in pages. You can download them here.





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