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Why is it that as soon as our heads hit the pillow at night our brain decides it’s the perfect time to contemplate all the worst-case scenarios and other negative thoughts! Your body and mind need sleep in order to function properly throughout the day but during this time of uncertainty, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t so easy. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to make it easier to get that much needed sleep.

Move your body
Many studies have found that exercising as little as 30 minutes every day will improve your sleep, as well as lower anxiety. But try not to exercise right before bed as this can negatively affect your ability to sleep.

Limit your screen time/limit news – especially before bed
Not only should you be avoiding using your phone, tablet or TV before bed as these devices emit light that keeps your brain awake but also due to the coverage on the news as of late. Don’t get us wrong, it is important to keep up to date but not to the extent that you are feeling so overstimulated and overwhelmed that you can’t sleep.

Clear your mind – monitor your thoughts
Sometimes we aren’t even aware of what exactly is making us worried and anxious. A popular method of clearing your mind is writing down your thoughts. This is helpful to figure out exactly what the root cause of your anxiety may be. It can also be used as distraction from the anxious thoughts. Studies have shown there is a link between writing, seeing your concerns written down and reducing the mental toll of your worries.

Calm your mind
There are many relaxation techniques that can help you calm your mind to help improve your sleep:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Breathing exercises
  • Taking a walk
  • Listening to music
  • Reading a book
  • Drinking tea
  • Taking a bath

Keep a regular routine
With many people working less, from home and even not at all, it is still important to have some form of structure in your day. A regular healthy bedtime routine allows your body and mind time to slow down before bedtime.

Prioritising good sleep is as important now as ever and you will find if you are getting enough sleep your body is less likely to feel overwhelmed and anxious.

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Updated: 27/04/2023

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