As a leading provider of quality sleep products, Wenatex is committed to providing its customers with the best possible sleeping experience through our leading sleep systems. Our wide range of products includes mattresses, pillows, quilts, and other bedding accessories that are designed to promote a good night's sleep.

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Wenatex Pillows
Enhance the way you sleep with our selection of pillows that make all the difference. An imperative part to our Wenatex sleep systems, these pillows have been manufactured to provide the correct orthopaedic support for your head and neck, with the ability to be adjusted to suit your individual needs.
Silvermed Plus Quilt
Enjoy the finest in sleeping and comfort thanks to our specially designed quilt, coming in both Summer and Winter options to suit the climate where you’re from. Boasting hypoallergenic and hygienic effects, made with soft cotton sateen and WenaLoft quilted throughout, it’s the perfect quilt for those who are trying to better their quality of sleep.
Bella Donna Jersey Fitted Sheets
These high-quality fitted sheets made in Germany are guaranteed to fit every mattress, standard or non-standard, and include one fitted sheet. Refined with aloe vera and silk proteins, these sheets offer a silky-smooth feel and a beautiful sheen to finish.
This specifically crafted mattress protector has been designed and manufactured to protect your mattress from moisture, wetness, and dust mites. The impermeable yet breathable polymer membrane prevents any type of moisture from penetrating the cover while the cotton content ensures top sleeping comfort every time. The additional antibacterial properties kill dust mites on both the sleeping side and the mattress side of the cover, ensuring less stress when it comes to the hygiene of your bed.
Waterproof Mattress Protector
The comfortable, breathable, and waterproof material of this mattress protector ensures a hygienic sleep experience, and is washable at 60°C. The mattress cover is also ideal for bringing with you on trips so you can always sleep on your own clean mattress cover, feeling at home and sleeping soundly wherever you are.
Pedimol 110
There are plenty of natural remedies that use the power of nature to promote healthy living and sleeping. Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, a primary ingredient in Pedimol, contains natural compounds that may relieve muscle pain and hydrate dry skin. This herbal balm can soothe and revitalise due to its powerful essential oil blend when applied topically.
Peppermint, eucalyptus, pine needles, lavender, bergamot, and citronella are all present in Wenabalm, creating a relaxing soothing lotion. When it comes to stimulating a healthy lifestyle, our Wenabalm is the perfect remedy, ensuring joint flexibility and relief of muscle pain.
Herbal Inlay
The Wenatex Sleep System is a perfect accompaniment with our alpine Herbal Regeneration Inlay, which is one of its components. There are several medicinal plants that have the ability to relax us and help us maintain good health. The main purpose of the Wenatex Herbal Inlay is to work in tandem with other parts of the system. Our Herbal Inlay is made from cotton, wool, and the original Wenatex alpine herb mix. The inlay is designed to allow the essential herb fragrance and oils to escape.
Wenatex Bear
Our carefully curated sleepy bear has been crafted to assist children in a good night’s sleep – this is done through the introduction of a security object, allowing children to feel safe and secure during the evenings. Our specially designed blanket/toy is the perfect support system and comfort product, putting children back to sleep when they wake late at night.
Our leading SleepHub system has been manufactured and designed by professionals through extensive research to enhance and ensure quality sleep. This is done through neuroscience and technology, where our SleepHub system mimics the activity of the brain during sleep allowing you to feel refreshed and well rested the next day.

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