Our vision

We not only want to satisfy our customers, we want to inspire them!

People and their quality of life and holistic well-being are at the centre of everything we do. For the many years Wenatex has been dealing with the topic of healthy and restful sleep, we have never lost sight of one thing: enthusiasm! The enthusiasm for our work, our customers, our developments and our unique product. We offer high quality products that ensure healthy, regenerative sleep. We aim to provide our customers with a higher quality of life - through trust, innovation and uniqueness.

Perfectly harmonised: The Wenatex orthopaedic sleep system


Hygienic comfort for the healthiest sleep

  • 5 zones in the entire sleep system ensure exceptional orthopaedic support
  • Breathable, non-toxic and antibacterial
  • Perfectly harmonised components


plus orthopaedic pillow

Supports perfect orthopaedic comfort – for pure rest and relaxation.

  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic
  • Filling made from climate regulating hollow fibres
  • Height adjustable with removable filling
  • Memory effect: wenaLoft® filling material is elastic and recovers its original shape



For pure relaxation: soft and hygienic.

  • Hygienic, hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Climate regulating
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Summer and Winter options


sensitive mattress cover

Provides incredible clean freshness for gentle comfort every night.

  • Moisture management properties
  • Skin-friendly and allergen-reducing properties
  • Sanitized® Hygiene function – anti-microbial – effective against bacteria and mould spores
  • Soft and fluffy, thanks to wenaLoft® filling material
  • Washable up to 60 degrees Celcius


alpine herbal regeneration inlay

Supports healthy sleep with the power of nature.

  • 17 alpine herbs
  • A soothing and relaxing effect
  • Promotes sleep


cold foam core

Provides the ideal surface to support the spinal column.

  • Ergonomically perfect lying properties
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Anatomically correct sinking depth
  • Antimicrobial and mite-inhibiting effect


premium bed base

Designed in accordance with the shape of the body for perfect lying comfort.

  • Pinpoint support for each section of the body
  • Outstanding durability
  • Continuous adjustment, both joint and individual adjustment of head, upper body and leg zone
  • Contact pads can be adjusted to suit individual needs

What makes Wenatex unique?

Hygienic comfort for the healthiest sleep

Designed and manufactured in Austria to European standards

All components work together to support the body in an orthopaedically correct position

Use of natural fibres that have undergone extensive biocompatibility and toxin testing

Health and hygiene through Sanitized technology

Fully washable for ultimate hygiene


The Wenatex Sleep System

Natural quality for the perfect sleep

The sleep environment and the choices you make!

A perfectly harmonised sleep system ensures healthy sleep and gives the body the chance to regenerate and heal. It facilitates an optimal sleeping climate and ensures ergonomically correctly lying comfort. Wenatex has intensively researched all of these factors, which has led to the development of our unique sleep system.

Silvermed PILLOW


Bella Donna Sheets


wenaCel Sensitive Mattress


Wenaflex Bed Base


Wenatex Quilt


I choose Wenatex

At Wenatex we do things a little differently. We bring to you a quality product through a unique customer experience. That’s why our customers say, “I wouldn’t be without my Wenatex”.


Cathy Briggs, QLD

"Have just purchased the bed base and mattress - oh my goodness! Having the best sleep ever, so comfortable and aching back of a morning is now non existent! I also have an implant in my left side and have been unable to sleep on that side for the last 3 years as it has been too painful - not any more! Thank you to Bart and his team for their exceptional and prompt service."

Gwen C., TAS

"I recently purchased a double Wenatex adjustable bed with the herbal inlay, and have found it extremely comfortable and supportive and it bears testimony to the fact that I now look forward to going to bed each night. The Tasmanian agent Andrew Adams couldn’t have been more helpful in seeing the sale and delivery through for me, and the visit to the Wenatex shop at King’s Meadows was a very assuring and pleasant experience."

Bill and Jennie, Brisbane QLD

"My first night on my Wenatex bed was amazing, the first time in a long time I slept without being wakened in pain. I slept from about 7pm to 3am, after a toilet break I lifted the foot of the bed up that relieved my foot pain, I slept until about 6am. A big thanks to Greg and David for doing a good job with install. Greg couldn’t do enough for us in every step of our purchase. He is a pleasure to work with."

Phil and Jane G., QLD

"One of our children has long suffered from allergies... He had an overnight change in his health... During his childhood every single night when going to bed he would sneeze and cough for approximately 45 minutes (from dust mites etc) and from the absolute first night of him getting into his new Wenatex bed, new quilt and pillow, he stopped the reactions (sneezing etc) overnight! It was absolutely amazing! We couldn't believe the difference it made! As soon as he goes to a friend's home for a sleepover or we stay in a resort on holiday's, he starts sneezing again... Amazing. He now takes his own pillow everywhere..."


"I recently purchased the Wenatex sleep system and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I noticed better sleep from the first night as the Wenatex mattress doesn't get hot during the night like my old mattress, causing me to wake up during the night. I haven't had any back pain and I find I'm sleeping all the way through. I never knew a bed could make such a big difference to the way I feel during the day or I would have bought one years ago. The price was higher than some others on the market but after trying some cheaper options and having sleeping issues I wish I had just bought quality from the start."

Eva Bajerova Potts, NSW

"Almost 15 years with this company and could not be happier. Would never trade in their bed for anyone else's as they truly are the best!! Strongly recommend that customers try out their sleep system as you will not be disappointed! 5 stars all the way!"

Susan W., NSW

"Thank you, Natasha, for your help to organise our new mattress. Brett was so helpful and pleasant when he delivered our mattress. Nothing was a bother for him! Many thanks from a very satisfied customer."

Peter S., NSW

"I have been working shift work for over 35 years. Getting sleep after working long hours has become a very important part of my days. Believe me, when I say I've tried everything! I bought the full Wenatex sleep system - base, mattress, pillows and winter quilt and it was the best decision I've ever made. I highly recommend the Wenatex Sleep System to everyone, especially shift workers"

Phillip M., VIC

"I love the product. It all makes sense. I bought a bed for my mother who always had trouble sleeping through and has a bad back. Now her back has improved 50% or more. She is a changed person. Thanks a million."

Jayne B., QLD

"I had bursitis in the hip. Nothing helped except buying a bed from Wenatex. If you have had hip pain like bursitis you know it is a sickening pain that keeps you awake. Sleeping on our new mattress allowed the hip to heal. Would not sleep on anything else."

May S., NSW

"Having the bed base and mattress is absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend its purchase. The comfort is unbelievable."

Bert T., VIC

"Purchased a new Mattress Cover - Double, to replace the original one after 11 years of use and several washes. Great product and easy to use. Also great service and information received from Natasha. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Margaret G., Yarrawonga VIC

"I suffer from lower back problems and since purchasing the Wenatex Sleep System the restless nights have gradually disappeared and I get to sleep quicker."

Claire and Trevor, Brisbane QLD

"Love our new bed. I can't wait to go to sleep every night. We also bought the pillows, duvet and sheets so its extra comfy. If you're looking for a good night's sleep I highly recommend Wenatex The Sleep System!"

Quality guaranteed

Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards in the world

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