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Owning a quality mattress is the key to a regular good night’s sleep which, in turn, has a positive impact on how we progress throughout our day-to-day life. At one point or another, we have all experienced the consequences of an uncomfortable night of ‘rest’, and the detriment it imposes thereafter. For those who lead a busy lifestyle, with work, children, study, schooling, managing a business, or all of the above, investing in your sleep is imperative for your health and wellbeing. The benefits of a good mattress are abundant but let us show you why we think a good mattress is worth the price tag.


The Long-Term Benefits of a Good Mattress


Spinal Alignment

One of the major implications of a poor-quality mattress is back pain and chronic pain caused by uneven weight distribution across the bed. A high-quality mattress is going to support each part of your body equally, ensuring your lower back is properly supported, and thus, your spinal cord is not being twisted or turned on a regular basis.

Pain Prevention

If you experience ongoing body aches and pains, there’s a good chance your mattress plays a major role in your body’s discomfort. Sleeping on a low quality surface day in and day out is not healthy for your body’s structural alignment, making different parts compensate for the pain it’s experiencing. Your mattress is designed to hold your spine in alignment when laying down, relieving any pressure from relevant pressure points, and supporting your posture.

Reduction in Allergy Symptoms

You may not put much thought into how old your mattress is. If you’ve had it for a while, chances are it plays a role in your allergy flares. The older the mattress, the more dust, sweat, dust mites and other allergens it is harbouring, making it the perfect minefield for those with sensitivities. For those with asthma specifically, keeping on top of your mattress turnover is going to benefit your overall day-to-day health greatly, minimising the risk of you getting any sicker than you need to be.

Improved Mental Health

When you own a bad mattress, chances are you don’t get the sleep you need. Restless nights, uncomfortable experiences, and sore bodies can eventually take a toll on a person’s mental and emotional health, making them irritable and grumpy most of the time. If you’re often feeling groggy, irritated, fatigued, or experiencing lulls throughout the day, you may want to reconsider the mattress you’re sleeping on.

At Wenatex, we offer a tried and tested orthopaedic mattress that has been carefully crafted to elevate ones sleeping experience, instilling comfort, and restful nights once again. If you’re really wanting to take your sleep investment further, adding our luxe satinesse protector ensures your mattress is protected from holding onto dust, sweat, and potential mites, allowing you to sleep peacefully without added worries.


Sleep Better with Wenatex

The benefits of good mattress are endless, and you can start experiencing these benefits today thanks to our ergonomic beds solutions. For more information on our products, or if you need some help knowing what’s best suited for your sleep schedule, give us a call on 1300 858 139 or reach out via email at enquiries@wenatex.com.au. Browse our Wenatex shop to find the perfect sleep investments and enjoy a good nights sleep like never before.

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