Photo of a woman floating in water to help with sleep | Featured image for Can float therapy help improve sleep quality?

If you’ve never tried floating, maybe you should! Dr Mychelle Whitewood, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and owner of Water Temple in Melbourne, shared with us the benefits of float therapy and how it can help improve your sleep.

What is floating?

A floatation tank is filled with a skin temperature magnesium-rich, salty solution, so it is not like a warm bath; this dense solution enables the person to stay afloat effortlessly, removing all stress from the spine and improving blood flow to the extremities. This zero-gravity environment is a unique, private, and personal space where people discover another way of being with their bodies and minds. It enables a person to feel fully supported, to relax, recover and reset in a non-stimulating environment without noise and light, with no distraction. During the entire session, floaters generally feel light and peaceful.

Benefits of floating on sleep

  1. Floating can reset your body clock
  2. The zero-gravity effect of floating enables the deepest sense of relaxation possible
  3. The magnesium solution of the tank promoted sleep
  4. Floating provides the perfect space to connect to your breath
  5. The impact of floating continues with you well after the float is over

If you’d like to learn more, head over to Water Temple Floatation and Holistic Health.  We’re proud to partner with Mychelle and her team to bring you wellness benefits through healthy sleep.

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