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Throughout your life, good sleeping posture is going to work wonders for your body – especially as you age. In saying that, as we age, our posture while sleeping is pushed to the back of our minds and is something we tend not to focus on as much. Especially as life gets busier and busier. In todays world, we life more of a sedentary lifestyle to what we normally would. In the sense of office jobs, working from home, spending weekends watching movies or dining out – our posture is suffering at the hands of it. This is why being considerate of your sleep positions is imperative, and why choosing a good mattress is going to benefit your body long term.

Your positions while sleeping not only impacts your posture, but it also impacts the frequency of headaches, neck pain, back pain, and so on. In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of sleeping positions and mattress choices, and how you can change the way you sleep for the better.


How Sleep Positions Impact Your Health

The most common positions that people sleep in are back, side, and stomach sleeping. Sleeping on the back promotes proper spinal alignment and reduces the risk of developing back and neck pain – a common theme in the world today due to long term sitting. It also helps prevent acid reflux and minimises wrinkles and facial pressure.

Side sleeping, particularly on the left side, can enhance digestion, alleviate heartburn, and improve circulation. This position is recommended for pregnant women to enhance blood flow to the foetus. However, side sleeping can also lead to shoulder and hip discomfort, especially if utilised long term. If you’re feeling any sort of pain in those areas, try to change up the positions you’re sleeping in, and see if it helps relieve that pain to some extent.

Sleeping on the stomach can strain the neck and spine, potentially causing pain and misalignment. Moreover, it can restrict proper breathing due to the awkward angle of the neck along with pressure from the pillow and body weight and thus contribute to snoring. Finding the right sleep positions for your body can enhance sleep quality, prevent discomfort, and contribute to overall well-being, so it’s important you keep it in mind and choose consciously how you’re going to sleep based on how it impacts your body long term.


Conscious Mattress Choice

If you take the mattress you choose for your bed into consideration, you will experience significant benefits for your overall well-being and body comfort. Your mattress plays a critical role in providing support, comfort, and proper alignment for your spine while you sleep. Something that is too soft or too firm can lead to discomfort and potential issues such as back pain and poor sleeping quality on a regular basis.

By being mindful of your body’s needs and preferences, you can select a mattress choice that suits your individual requirements and caters to how your body should be feeling when sleeping. Factors like mattress type, firmness level, and material composition should be heavily considered. A mattress that is a lot more suitable to your body will alleviate pressure points and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal problems down the track.


Best Mattress for Sleep Quality?

The Wenatex Orthopaedic Mattress

This innovative design incorporates selected materials to deliver a sleep experience that promotes both orthopaedic support and environmental well-being – two important fundamentals. At the heart of this sleep system lies a cold foam core, strategically chosen for its unique structure of irregular, open-cell composition. This provides a solid yet flexible foundation, offering exceptional ergonomic support and optimal airflow for a refreshing and comfortable sleep. With its high-density construction, this core ensures unparalleled comfort and long-lasting durability, making it the best mattress for sleep quality.

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