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For Better Sleep

  • Smooth, soft feel
  • Easy to fit
  • Crease free



Experience a luxurious night’s sleep in our premium fitted sheets and pillowcases.

Smooth and soft to the touch, our Bella Donna fitted sheets and pillowcases are designed to fit snugly on any mattress size, providing you with the perfect comfort. Made in Germany, the high-quality materials used in the design have been refined in aloe vera and silk proteins for an extra silky feel and sheen.



Our Bella Donna Fitted Jersey Sheets are made of long-staple, super-combed cotton that’s woven into an opaque, luxuriously heavy fabric. Brilliance of colour and colourfastness is guaranteed thanks to the modern dying process.


For sheets that fit like they’re tailor-made, choose the Bella Donna fitted sheets. With an all-around elastic edging and Elastane,  these premium fitted sheets stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn at night. These sheets are easy to care for, safe to wash at 60º C and dryer safe. There’s no need to iron the fitted sheets as they are crease-free.

Bella Donna Sheets | Featured image for the Premium Fitted Sheets product page from Wenatex. Wenatex Sheets | Featured image for the Premium Fitted Sheets product page from Wenatex.


After the long-staple cotton fibres are woven through, the premium fitted sheets go through a process known as ‘Gassing’. This process involves passing the yarn through a flame, where it removes the excess fibres, ensuring that the sheet’s fibres will not break down after years of use.


The premium fitted sheets meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, an international testing and certification system for raw textile, intermediate and end products for human use. This system accounts for the contact level of the product to human skin, meaning the higher the contact level, the stricter the requirements must be met to receive the stamp of approval from OEKO-TEX®.


  • Single/Long Single/King Single: Sheet fits mattress sizes from 90 x 190cm to 100 x 220cm
  • Double/Queen: Sheet fits mattress sizes from 140 x 200cm to 160 x 220cm
  • King: Sheet fits mattress sizes from 180 x 200cm to 200 x 220cm

Reach Your Best State of Sleep With the Bella Donna Fitted Sheets!

A good night’s sleep is essential for living a healthy life. Shop our scientifically tested sheets, orthopaedic beds and more online at the Wenatex shop. For any more questions or information about our sheets, contact the team on 1300 858 139 or by reaching out online.

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