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Silver and sleep are not often heard in the same sentence and yet they make the perfect bedfellows.  Apart from being seen by some as a solid investment on the stock exchange, this precious metal has characteristics that have seen it used in the field of medicine and is being used to help create the ideal sleep environment. We explore the health benefits of silver and its potential to positively influence sleep.

Silver has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that have seen it used to prevent infection of injuries for things such as burns. In its ion form, the metal has the ability to kill and neutralize bacteria. Silver also has the highest known thermal conductivity of all metals making it ideal as a medium to dissipate heat and keep a constant temperature.

When it comes to sleep, these two characteristics have lots of benefits. It’s important that our sleep environment is supporting us to get good quality sleep. Some of the issues faced by people who suffer from poor sleep have to do with their sleep environment. 

Dust mites and bacteria are present all around us. When we sleep, our skin’s natural renewal process accelerates and every time we use our beds, we are adding to the buildup of dead skin cells. Dust mites feast on these skin cells and need bacteria to digest their food. Using the inherent health benefits of silver can break this cycle and create a bacteria and therefore dust mite free zone.

Apart from those nasty dust mites which can affect our sleep, temperature is important when it comes to our sleep environment. When we sleep our body temperature drops, which helps our bodies to rest and rebuild. We also naturally perspire as our bodies are trying to keep a stable temperature.  If the materials that we sleep on (and under) help to dissipate heat and moisture, we will not only fall asleep more easily but are also more likely to stay asleep as our temperature is able to remain at a level conducive to sleep.

Silver has a lot to offer when it comes to creating the right sleep environment. The development of the SilverMed® fibre, using medical grade silver, and the use of silver zeolite, is unique to the Wenatex Sleep System. The SilverMed® fibre is used within the cover, quilt and pillows of the sleep system, and silver zeolite in the mattress core.

In today’s world of light and technology, and the stresses of modern life, we need to give our bodies the chance to recuperate and regenerate. We can help this process by making the conditions for good quality sleep the right ones.  Some people experience sleep under a cloud.  Let Wenatex be your silver lining so that your sleep experience becomes one of sleeping on a cloud.

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Updated: 21/10/2022

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