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Many of us can relate to struggling with anxieties, insomnia and other sleep related issues on a daily basis. In some cases, people will turn to sleeping pills and other sleeping aids, which studies have shown after long term use can have severe negative effects and even be considered dangerous. While sleep medication may aid sleep in the short term, they disrupt the natural sleep cycle, which is imperative for rest and restorative sleep. A person who takes sleep medication will go straight into deep sleep and can stay there for most of the night, missing out on those other important sleep cycles. A study found that some smells are just as effective at calming the nerves as sleeping pills or sedatives, but without the negative side effects.

Have you heard of aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is a natural and gentle alternative to dealing with insomnia and anxiety. “Aromatherapy is a complementary and alternative medicine practice that taps into the healing power of scents from essential oils extracted from plants” (Marlynn Wei, 2016). In celebration of Herbal Medicine Week, we want to encourage everyone to seek alternative natural methods. The aim of the week is to promote herbal medicine, educate people about herbal medicine, share knowledge and show people the vital role they play in health and wellbeing (National Herbal Medicine Week). A study published by Sleep Research Society (2019) found that just 4 weeks of aromatherapy can have beneficial effects on natural sleep and cognitive function in the elderly. A similar study by British Association (2015) found that aromatherapy was effective in increasing quality of sleep, reducing level of anxiety and preventing sleep disorders.

The Wenatex Sleep System incorporates the best nature has to offer in the form of the Alpine Herbal Regeneration Inlay. The Herbal Inlay contains a mixture of medicinal herbs (patent protected) chosen for their natural support of healthy natural sleep. These herbs are the ideal partner for our sleep system. This is because the essential oils have an all-round soothing and relaxing effect.

The inlay is made from cotton, wool and the original Wenatex alpine herb mix, designed to allow the essential herb fragrance and oils to escape. Through body heat given off during sleep, essential oils are released from the dry, high-quality alpine herbs. As a result, some of these oils penetrate the human organism through the pores of the skin, triggering positive reactions. Inhalation is another key way of gaining benefit from the herbs. Through inhalation, the essential oils reach the olfactory cells through the nose and create sensations of calmness and relaxation, reduce stress, act to alleviate pain and assist with revitalising sleep. What people often don’t realise is the benefits aren’t received through smell, as powerful scents are often a chemical compound designed to replicate a real plant extract, and there is absolutely no health benefit in breathing or absorbing them into your body. So, even though you may not be noticing an intense smell, you are still receiving the health benefits.

Research has shown that making changes to your lifestyle and bedtime behaviour can be a more effective remedy to sleep problems then sleeping pills. “While you sleep, medicinal herbs can benefit your health greatly.” (Prof. Hademar Bankhofer). Herbal medicine not only helps with sleep but also brings relief to many other health problems. If you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety or other sleep related issue, that are stopping you from getting good sleep, we encourage you to incorporate some natural alternatives into your life.

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Updated: 15/03/2023

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