Sleep aid to help restore natural sleep patterns

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SleepHub (Sleep Aid)

Sleep Aid to help restore natural sleep patterns


Take control of your nighttime routine with SleepHub. Designed to optimise your sleeping patterns and increase your chances of a great quality sleep, our sleep aid device has been manufactured with the foundation of years of extensive research. If you’re someone who regularly struggles to get a good night’s sleep, the Cambridge Sleep Sciences sleep aid is here to make positive changes.


How SleepHub Works

SleepHub is a small, unobtrusive device that you place on your nightstand or somewhere that is close enough to your bed. It uses clinically tested neurotechnology to help re-train your brain and improve your sleeping patterns. The device emits pure tones and pulses that guide your brain through the correct sequence of sleep cycles, allowing you to experience deep and rejuvenating sleep.

After starting in the non-REM cycle, a person experiences REM sleep in short intervals before going back to the non-REM cycle. Dreams normally take place during REM sleep. However, if you have trouble sleeping, this sleep aid machine can help by inducing these natural sleeping cycles. In turn, your body and mind will get the rest they need to function properly.


Description of the SleepHub

Retrain Your Brain

The sleep aid machine is not just another white noise device. SleepHub® uses only the most exclusive and cutting-edge neuroscience and sound technology to emulate brain activity that occurs during healthy sleep cycles.

Better Sleep, Better Health

Our sleep system is nothing short of a natural sleep remedy that has been proven to improve and enhance sleep quality, which can help with issues like insomnia and sleep anxiety. Don’t just mask your sleeping problems with temporary alterations – fix them, with SleepHub.

Feel Refreshed

Restoring your natural sleep cycles will leave you feeling revitalised with renewed energy, leading to better physical and mental performance throughout your everyday life. Feel more relaxed at bedtime with this ultimate bedroom gadget.

Proven and Trusted

Carefully curated and developed by a team of research scientists, sound, and medical experts over a period of more than 10 years, we have become a trusted sleep aid supplier for more than thousands of individuals across the world. Not only that, but we’ve also been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and The Telegraph.

Tailored to Your Needs

SleepHub has been completely tailored for our customers. Boasting 4 beneficial modes such as Deep Sleep, Easy Sleep, Fall Asleep, and Power Nap, each designed to help you get the rest you need and deserve. The best part? Our sleep aid works as a Bluetooth speaker when not in sleep mode!


Interested in Knowing More?

If you’re looking for more information on the Wenatex sleep machine, read about it further on our website and make a purchase to enjoy the benefits of renewed and revitalised sleeping patterns.

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