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Adam Reynolds, Captain of the Brisbane Broncos NRL team, has had a big year. He moved to Brisbane to join the Broncos and has been praised for his calm and professional manner, a team player whose heart is in the game.

Adam understands the importance of sleep and chose to upgrade to a Wenatex bed when he moved to Brisbane. He’s also using SleepHub to help him get great quality sleep, which is an important element in athletic performance. “In order to perform their best, athletes must prepare in every aspect of their lives. They train regularly, eat healthy meals and snacks, and make time for rest, recovery, and sleep. When one area is lacking, overall performance can suffer. Sleep is certainly no exception!” (The Sleep Foundation, 2022)

We recently sat down with Adam for a chat about his goals, training, and sleep.

How do you start the day?
Besides the obvious morning hygiene, I like to just start the day slow. A few stretches and just relax before getting a coffee and having a sauna to get the body ready for a big day of training or activity.

If wisdom comes with age, what’s the most important lifestyle lesson you’ve learned?
Don’t take things for granted. Enjoy your success when it comes and learn from your mistakes/losses. I wish I listened to the older people around me when I was younger (diet, sleep, recovery etc.). I just thought everything would continue to be the same way. Just turn up and get things done but the older you get the harder things get.

How do you take care of your body, and why is it important?
I’m a lot better these days in looking after myself. The older you get in your career the more important it is to do the little things. I’m prepping for training and doing all of the recovery but most importantly, I’m making healthy food choices to fuel my body for what’s to come and getting a good night’s sleep.

Do you believe in the power of a good night’s sleep, and how do you make sure you get it?
Yes, I believe it’s very important because it allows your mind and body to recharge. It also improves your recovery, brain focus, mood and has other health benefits. I’ve recently upgraded my bed from a normal mattress to a Wenatex bed, which allows me to get into the zero-gravity position, which is great after a long day of training. I also use the SleepHub device which helps me firstly get to sleep and then puts me into a deep sleep making me more relaxed and feeling refreshed when I wake up.

How have your thoughts on health and fitness changed over the years and what has inspired that change?
Age (hahaha). The older you get the harder it is to get up and go every day. I’ve had to change my lifestyle to get the best out of my body. Doing a lot more stretching, sleeping and prepping for every day. Coming towards the back end of my career has inspired me not to waste the opportunity I have.

Do you see a link between exercise and improving your mental state?
100 percent. I’ve seen it work firsthand with a few of my friends. They have changed their life around completely through exercise. For me, it gets rid of all of my stresses and puts me in a motivated and positive mood.

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