Woman in bed wrapped up in a winter quilt | Featured image for Sleeping well in winter.

Winter is a great time of year for sleep in most parts of Australia. Gone are the hot and humid summer nights that often make sleeping well a challenge. While air conditioning is now a standard feature in many Australian homes, the cost of electricity can mean maintaining the ideal sleep temperature of around 16-19 degrees Celsius is an expensive proposition, not to mention the environmental impacts.

The drop in nighttime temperatures during the Winter months is not the only thing that may make sleep easier. As the sun sets earlier during Winter, the release of melatonin and our body’s circadian rhythm means we may feel sleepy earlier in Winter than we do in Summer. The downside is that the sun also rises later, which can cause us to feel sluggish through the day as we haven’t had the same bright light exposure in the morning that we experience during summer. It’s important that you stick to your usual healthy sleep routine at this time of year.

While cool winter nights can promote better sleep, it’s also important not to overheat our bedrooms or pile on too many thick layers. As we sleep, our body heat creates warmth and can become too hot, causing us to wake through the night.

When winter hits, the tendency is also to keep our windows closed. Make sure to regularly ventilate your home, in particular the bedroom, to allow fresh air to circulate. We lose around 1.5 litres of fluid through the night through perspiration. This is absorbed in our bedding. Our damp, warm beds are a great place for germs, mould and dust mites to settle. Even in Winter, it’s very important to allow your bedding to air so that the moisture collected through the night has a chance to dissipate.

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